About Us

"To design innovative products and bring carbon fibre into your daily lives"

inKarbon was formed in Australia from our passion of all things hi-tech, luxury and carbon fibre (or carbon fiber for our US visitors). Our goal is to educate on the benefits of using carbon fibre in our daily lives and creating innovative lifestyle products to achieve this goal. We will also be procuring the finest products from other like-minded carbon fibre creators to bring carbon fibre to you! Our first step towards this was after hearing often of people snapping their plastic shoehorns, we designed in-house using 3D software and created a beautiful, ultra-strong, yet lightweight shoehorn made entirely out of real carbon fibre that will last a lifetime - inKarbon Shoehorn.

So what exactly is carbon fibre?

It starts off as miniature thin strands of fiber that are finer than a string of hair. The strands are twisted together like a yarn, and woven into carbon fiber fabric, which can then be infused with epoxy resins to form hard shapes and products. Carbon fibre begun use in many different functions ranging from high performance cars, bicycles, aerospace, and planes, however is now being more widely used in sporting and fashion where people are seeking the lightest and strongest materials for their intended purposes which carbon fibre achieves. It is considered a hi-tech and luxury material with a unique 'depth' effect that only this material can provide due to the construction process of the weave, and is being widely received in daily life such as lifestyle products and home decor - even as coffee tables!


Why you need it in your life!
_Incredible strength - 5 x stronger than steel and one-third it's weight
_No 'end of life'
_Character/stunning visuals
_Able to mold it how we see fit

With your needs and wants considered as our number one priority, please do not hesitate to submit suggestions to sales@inkarbon.com.au of where carbon fibre may be used and we will investigate to innovate!