Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards

Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Canards


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Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Carbon Fibre Canards

*Please note these are pre-order ETA 4 weeks for production & delivery

These Carbon Fibre bumper canards, once installed, provide additional small amount of downforce at the front of the vehicle, adjusting the balance of traction and thus improving the handling characteristics of the car.

The modern material of choice is carbon fibre. Lighter than any other material and stronger than steel. See our blog post: What is this magical carbon fibre?

bullet point Fits to front bumper of Mitsubishi Evolution 6 GSR/RS front bumper (not TME)

bullet point Adds extra downforce to the front of car at speed - increased grip

bullet point Adds aggressive time attack appearance

bullet point Genuine Toray 2x2 twill weave carbon fibre with 3K tow – outstanding strength with herringbone appearance

bullet point Gloss epoxy finish with UV protection

bullet point High quality packaging for protection during shipping

Product Features:

2x2 3K Twill Weave Carbon Fibre

2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fibre

The 2x2 twill weave carbon fibre fabric features a 3K tow (3000 filiments per fiber), which provides outstanding structural strength with a signature diagonal appearance. 

It is highly desirable for modern composite parts in the aerospace, auto, marine, and sporting goods industries.

When compared to plain weave counterparts, the twill weave offers greater conformability, presents a beautiful herringbone texture, and delivers a slight edge in strength.

Strong material    Incredible Strength

The most common problem with traditional metal, plastic and fibreglass is the weakness and weight in the material. Our carbon fibre products are guaranteed to provide incredible value and strength.

thumbs up    Customer Service

inKarbon is based in Perth, Western Australia, providing our products and gifts globally. We have a passion for our product technology, but more importantly is our passion for our customer base! We work hard for you and hold your satisfaction in the highest regard. 

These are perfectly teamed up with our Evo 6 Carbon Fibre Front Bumper Canards.

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